Stillness Detection

ACIC StillnessDetection is a video analysis application allowing precise detection of abandoned objects in a predefined area. StillnessDetection generates an alarm when an object of a previously selected class is abandoned or removed for a certain period of time in a defined area. Restrictions on the size of objects can be used to detect a specific scenario. Intelligent algorithms adapt to environmental conditions to limit false alarms due to parasitic movements or changes in lighting.



Product package

The StillnessDetection configuration tool allows you to create up to 4 detection rules per video stream based on 2 different scenarios. To better meet the needs of the desired detection scenarios, StillnessDetection is offered in 2 dedicated packages (Premium & Dynamic).



This solution allows the detection of stationary, withdrawn, abandoned or moved objects.

Quelques références

Nice's Tramway

The tramway of Nice is the main public transport network in the city of Nice in south-eastern France. All three lines are 27.5 kilometers long and serve both the city center, the outskirts, the port and the airport, and transport an average of 193,000 people daily. To prevent the air vents of the tunnels located on the surface from being blocked, surveillance cameras equipped with software to detect abandoned objects were placed. Our StillnessDetection solution detects any abandoned object on these air vents and sends an alarm to the VMS if an object appears there.