Want to work in technology and do something concrete ?

ACIC employs primarily technical personnel and our team is composed of engineers, computer science graduates and PhDs in applied sciences.
We are always looking to meet people who are motivated by our project. You are dynamic with a sharp technical profile
or experience in the following areas:

We would love to ear from you, send a cover letter and resume to using the form below.

The advantage of working at ACIC is that we have a young team with real coping skills and creativity.


We accept trainees in the above technical areas but also in administration, marketing and graphic design based on a CV and a meeting. We invite you to send us your cover letter and your CV to using the form below.

ACIC is hiring

Un/une Business Developper(H/F)

Business Development (m/f)

Resourceful, IT doesn’t scare you.

It is not Aptitude, but Attitude that determines Altitude!
Autonomous, motivated, reliable, organized and comfortable to work in a small structure,
the attitude of the business developer allows it to obtain the sympathy of its interlocutors.
The world of IT does not frighten him. Without being a condition, a particular attraction for
Video Analysis is a major asset. Able to take initiatives related to the objectives of the company.

Very good level required in English and French, proficiency in other languages is an asset to develop
new markets. Flexible and ready to adapt its work to the evolution of society.

Level of university or higher education