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Through our history and the profile of our engineers, at ACIC, we like to meet the challenges of innovating and meeting your needs or finding the best solution to your problems. So we are innovating in custom projects and collaborative research projects.


Boat detection solution in locks

This development was carried out to detect the presence of boats in a lock before the automatic closing of the doors. Without this detection, it is dangerous to carry out a remote control of the locks whereas the tendency to deport this management is inevitable. This project was carried out in the Netherlands by adding a server with our software by taking images from existing cameras and connecting to the existing SCADA system. This solution can be replicated in Belgium or elsewhere with a slight adaptation.

Moving Camera Sea Watch System

This device was developed in collaboration with various manufacturers (Videotec for the mobile turret, FLIR for the thermal camera) and an integrator (COMTEC) to conduct monitoring of a port and coast to locate vessels and provide visualization to control room monitoring operators. From there, Acic PanoramaDetection® was born. ACIC has developed panoramic video composition software (Gigapixels), adapted its vision algorithms and developed communication protocols to control subsystems.

Mobile video surveillance kit for automatic spinning

Police special units were looking for a video surveillance system that can be easily and quickly moved and hidden away from a window and accessed remotely via a wireless (3G) system. ACIC has selected, assembled integrated the various components so that they are portable in cases, namely cameras, lenses, 3G modem, compact image analysis server, hard drives, … An important part of the project was devoted to the development of the remote access application for videos stored on alarms and the streaming of this video.


SAVE (Plan Marshall 2.vert)

PTZ-Pilot (Programme Greentic)

Inograms (Plan Marshall 2.vert)

SmartCount (Programme CWality)