Protect sensitive perimeter – Bayan palace kuwait

ACIC high-performance video analytics, Grundig high quality megapixels cameras and Avigilon famous NVR were selected by COMTEC Systems, a leading local integrator, to protect the sensitive perimeter of the Bayan Palace in Kuwait City.


Bayan Palace is the main palace of the Emir of Kuwait. It is located in the Bayan area in the capital city center. The palace is an internationally acclai-med architectural achievement. This is the palace where the head of states from other countries come and reside when they are on their visits. The pa-lace from inside has beautiful artificial greenery, large office and residential buildings and a majestic mosque. When the authorities selected Com-tec systems to help them protect their prestigious palace, it was decided to make use of the best security tech-nologies of the market. High quality brands and companies were installed inside and outside the palace, among others we may cite Eyevis, Advancis, Recaro, Floria etc.


For the perimeter protection, a great care was taken and only high‐performance products were chosen, Grundig cameras for the quality of the image even in low light conditions, Avigilon NVR for its simplicity and for the management of the very high definition cameras that were installed inside the palace and ACIC for the high‐performance video analytics (ActivityDetection®).


All three producs were integrated by Comtec and ACIC thanks to the ONVIF standard. The intrusion detection at the level of the perimeter is realized by ACIC ActivityDetection® 1.10 software. ActivityDetection® is a high quality video analytics software offering a very low false alarms rate. ActivityDetection® integration interfaces were adapted in 2011 to be in line with the ONVIF integration standard.