Crowd Numbering

ACIC CrowdNumbering is a system for enumerating persons or objects within a defined area. It thus makes it possible to obtain an evolution of the occupation of a space in time and to improve its management. Based on AI technologies, it qualifies or classifies the types of occupation (cars/people/objects/ …)




CrowdNumbering / Area numbering:

Occupancy rate


Rapport / Datamining

Quelques références

Tramway Nice - Roiret transport Project

As part of the security and management of passenger flows at Tramway Nice stations, Roiret Transport has selected our ActivityDetection solutions and more specifically, CrowdNumbering in order to supervise the density of users on the different platforms of the Nice Tramway.More than 70 streams analyzed.

SNCF - RER Station

Larger deployment of video analysis integrating artificial intelligence with a CrowdNumbering solution. This effective project since February 2019 allows the SNCF teams to have a supervision of the density of people on the platforms of the RER B and RER C ( Transilien network PARIS).

More than 750 video stream analyzed.