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AN2V conference on March 16, 2021: Security technologies and artificial intelligence.

Acic, represented by Bassani Lorenzo, will present the conference: “What AI-based solutions for temporary remote systems?”.


A large panel of experts will be present in order to provide a state of the art in the use of artificial intelligence applied to security technologies.

Program of the meeting:

14 hours – 1st part – Panorama of operational technologies (90 ‘)

– 10 companies
– A wide range of solutions presented
– Feedback from experience

3:30 p.m. – 2nd part – Debate with speakers and participants (60 ‘)

– How have technologies evolved over the past 15 years?
– How mature will AI be in 2021?
– What prospects?
– What are the obstacles to the deployment of these technologies? (legal, financial, ethical …)
– How can we change the perception of these technologies, which can improve the efficiency of our security systems?

Don’t hesitate to visit the AN2V Website :

You’ll find below the link to proceed with your registration for this event :

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Capsule and ACIC’s strengths combine to create a special offer

Capsule, the server provider and ACIC have decided to join forces to offer together a range of preinstalled and ready-to-use solutions.

It is thus no longer necessary to go through various time-consuming steps such as : server configuration, search for suitable licenses, quotes from the various suppliers, etc. It is now possible to acquire ready-to-use servers, prepared by Capsule and directly preconfigured with ACIC video analytics licenses.

The basic offering offers a server equipped with 10 image analytics licenses with the possibility, on request, to host up to 50 video analytics licenses and 50 Milestone streams. This therefore makes it possible to equip up to 50 cameras! The cameras can already be existing or to be installed on a site.

Several choices of video analytics licenses are available. Depending on your needs, licenses such as ActivityDetection, StillnessDetection, ZoneDetection will be available for site security and protection. You can also select counting and traffic management licenses… The number of licenses chosen can also be adapted. The range of possible licenses per server ranging from 10 to 50.


In addition to being simple and quick to order and prepare, this offer is extremely competitive. Both license and server prices have been revised downwards.

This offer is directly available from our distribution partners Noemis or from CCF for France and Anixter for the rest of Europe.

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Pelco VideoXpert is now compatible with ACIC Solutions

Pelco VideoXpert is now compatible with ACIC Solutions

For more than 60 years, Pelco has been able to adapt to the market and meet the needs of its customers. Today, Pelco is one of the world’s leaders in the development, design and manufacturing of security solutions and video surveillance.
ACIC is therefore proud to have Pelco as one of its technology partners today.

Pelco Acic

We have completed the integration of ACIC video analytics solutions into Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS. This gives to the VideoXpert users the ability to receive alarms of analytics events from ACIC solutions. Some relatively large projects have already been carried out in Morocco.

For more details on the integration, we invite you to contact us ( or visit the Pelco page using the link below :

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A webinar in collaboration with HIKVISION on the topic of Smart Cities

ACIC will present its various solutions focused on the Smart City.

Join us for the Webinar organized by Hikvision and ACIC on December 14, 2020 at 11am.

Next event Hikvision

The principle of Smart Cities is well known today. In view of the challenges regarding the management and security of cities.

ACIC and Hikvision support you in your processes thanks to robust solutions at the cutting edge of the state of the art.

It is why on December 14th ACIC and its technological partner HIKVISION invite you to join our Webinar on the topic of Smart Cities.

On December 14, 2020 at 11 a.m., we will be pleased to present to you, with HIKVISION, our joint solutions within the framework of Smart Cities. ACIC’s solutions are regularly deployed in cities. Indeed, our image analysis software and video content analysis solutions have many functionalities, including those requested in the context of Smart Cities.

Traffic management solution, parking management, counting and securing places are commonly requested in the context of smart cities.

HIKVISION and their high-tech cameras are often deployed in many environments including cities. A wide range of cameras with specific uses makes it possible to respond to specific customer requests.

Thanks to HIKVISION’s HEOP program, some of our solutions can be integrated directly into the cameras. This presents many economic, technological and security advantages.


You can find below a non-exhaustive list of covered functions:

  • Traffic management (wrong way, speed detection, entering and exiting parking lots, …).
  • Counting and categorization of vehicles, people
  • Crowd movement detection
  • Mask wearing detection, social distancing calculation, …



Join us to find out what ACIC and Hikvision can do for you!

We look forward to seeing you on December 14 for our Webinar. Register now here:

To register for the event, click on the button below:

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Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020

ACIC is integrated into Dahua’s technological partnership program: DHOP

ACIC’s Edge solutions are fully integrated with Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP) products. We are now proud to be members of the DHOP program and to be present at Partners Day on December 1st.


Recently, the collaboration between ACIC and Dahua has strengthened. We are now part of Dahua’s DHOP partner program.

Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020 will be held on 01/12/2020 from 9:30 am (UTC + 1) to 3:30 pm (UTC + 1). This is the brand’s first virtual trade fair. ACIC will have the opportunity to present its joint solutions with Dahua. On the program for the day: conferences, webinar, meeting and discussions. You can find the participation link here.

The DHOP program allows us to access Dahua’s open platform and directly integrate some of our analysis solutions into the brand’s compatible cameras.

ActivityDetection as well as its two sub-divisions ZoneDetection and StillnessDetection operate in embedded versions on Edge cameras. With the DHOP program, we now have the possibility to make them work on Dahua cameras. Being part of the Dahua Hardware Open Platform community gives us the chance to develop the security industry in collaboration with Dahua.
Edge solutions directly integrated into the cameras have many advantages such as:

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Improved strength as well as analysis safety
  • Reduced data storage and management costs
  • No single point of failure
  • Decentralized solutions with better security and priv

We can imagine using the DMP in a railway environment for example. In a station where there are counting solutions on the platforms such as CrowdNumbering and at the entrances of a supermarket where we have solutions such as PeopleCounting, it is possible to centralize the data on the DMP. It is thus possible to display the datas in a VMS, with for example a counter for the different zones, a heatmap on the platforms, graphs to find out the frequentation peak times, … The DMP can also extract personalized reports depending on the datas that have been chosen.

To register for the event, click on the button below:

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Data Management Platform: our data centralization and exploitation tool is now available

It is now possible to integrate the counting results of ACIC’s Data Mining solutions or third-party solutions within the operating environment: the Data Management Platform (DMP).


The DMP is our new tool for centralizing and exploiting data generated by Data Mining solutions such as PeopleCounting, CrowdNumbering or TrafficMonitoring. Our analytics softwares have an API to recover events in XML format using an http request. The tool is available in the form of a web interface and is deployed directly on the analytics server.

The DMP allows the visualization and exploitation of the data flows provided by our solutions or third-party solutions with tools such as: graphics, counter, curves, heatmap, reports, etc.

These tools are present on the dashboard in the form of windows in http format and can be directly integrated into most VMS such as Milestone or Genetec.



We can imagine using the DMP in a railway environment for example. In a station where there are counting solutions on the platforms such as CrowdNumbering and at the entrances of a supermarket where we have solutions such as PeopleCounting, it is possible to centralize the data on the DMP. It is thus possible to display the datas in a VMS, with for example a counter for the different zones, a heatmap on the platforms, graphs to find out the frequentation peak times, … The DMP can also extract personalized reports depending on the datas that have been chosen.


The Data Management Platform datasheet is available on our Products page and on the link below.

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ACIC is now a Dahua ECO Partner

ACIC joins forces with the partner DAHUA to offer a set of complete video surveillance solutions.

ACIC solutions are now fully integrated with the DAHUA Open Platform (DHOP). This allows immediate integration of the Activity Detection suite of solutions into Dahua DHOP cameras.

Dahue system architecture ACIC

Our tool available in the “Partners – Tools” area of our site lists all Dahua cameras compatible with ACIC solutions for integrated DHOP solutions. This platform has also been designed to assist each partner, with a practical tool to simulate a deployment with the right cameras for each area to be monitored.

The Dahua Open Platform (DHOP) is an application platform which allows you to download the applications of each of Dahua partners. It is installed on Dahua network devices. More information on the platform are available on the Dahua website:

Dahua DHOP
Datamining ACIC
ACIC secuirty solutions videosurveillance

We are proud to count Dahua as one of our new trusted partners, enabling the integration of state-of-the-art ACIC solutions on high-end Dahua cameras.

To access the press release, please follow the link below:

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ACIC SOLUTION : Dynamic versions of ACIC’s solutions

Customize your licenses according to your needs with the Dynamic versions of ACIC solutions

Historically, ACIC video analytics solutions have always proven to be as complete as possible, with many features to be found. However, this complexity has its downside: “frozen” products that are sometimes too complex for a specific project, leading in particular to a higher cost of licenses.

That is why we have recently decided to market so-called “Dynamic” versions of the licenses. These Dynamic versions are lightweight license packages that include a defined number of features chosen by the customer. When choosing a “Dynamic” package, the customer has as a base package a limited number of functionalities that he can implement according to the needs of his project.

This basic package will therefore allow you to more precisely control the budget of your project via a more accessible and customizable offer, the Basic License package having a reduced price compared to the full License package.

These new “Dynamic” versions therefore allow you to customize your licenses according to your needs and thus reduce the unit cost. It is also possible to subsequently buy additional functionalities according to the evolution of your project, in order to supplement the licenses already installed on a site.

  • Your project does not require all the features included in the full licenses?
  • Would you like some specific options without additional features?
  • Do you want solutions that can evolve with your project?
  • Do you want to control your budget and reduce the unit cost of your licenses?

In this case our “Dynamic” version is the perfect solution. Contact us to have a quote and assistance in setting up your project!

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COVID-19 : Calculate social distance

Crowd management by calculating social distance avoids the spread of Covid-19

In order to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus, the government recommend social distancing between people. In some places, it is very complicated to respect this basic rule. In the shops, on the streets, in public places, there are a lot of people and they are very close to each other.

At ACIC, our engineering teams have developed software solution to calculate the distance between people. By calibrating the camera image, we are able to calculate the distance between people.

This distance is customizable, it is actually possible to raise alarms in a VMS if people are less than 1.5m or less than 2m to each other for example. In addition, it is possible to collect statistics and datas on the average distance between people.

Detection de masque

This solution can be used in other contexts than that of the Coronavirus crisis. It is for example possible to calculate the distance between vehicles or any kind of objects.

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ACIC SOLUTION : Counting masks in the crowd (Covid19)

Securing an event or gathering site is crucial in this period of progressive release from lockdown.

To meet the demands linked to the COVID-19 health crisis, we have developed a battery of dedicated solutions. To do this, we trained AI software to detect the wearing of a mask on a face (Article linked to this solution here). It is now possible to couple this mask detection solution with a counting solution (People Counting & Crowd Numbering). We can therefore obtain crowd count results in real time and thus know the proportion of people wearing a mask and the proportion of people not wearing one.

Datamining Mask dtection & counting
MASK detection, counting, AI

These counting data, once collected, can be centralized in our data centralization and visualization tool: the Data Managment Platform (Article dedicated to the Data Management platform here).



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