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Join us for the 2021 Expoprotection Security exhibition!

From September 28th to 30th, ACIC will participate in the ExpoProtection Security exhibition to be held in Paris Porte de Versailles. You can visit us on stand D56 (Hall 5) which we will share with our partner Secure Systems.

Expoprotection Sécurité 2021

This exhibition will be an opportunity for us to present our new Appliance with Nvidia components combining Embedded Video Analysis Solutions and Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to the use of a compact module from Nvidia and embedded in Aaeon, ADLink or Advantech boxes, we have the possibility of running Artificial Intelligence software on all types of cameras autonomously and remotely.

This new solution makes it possible to detect abandoned objects such as waste in remote areas. It also makes it possible to classify and count different types of targets as part of temporary and ephemeral deployments such as a popup store or a festival for example.

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New Appliance with Aegentis – Waste Detection

Public cleanliness is a key issue for sustainable development as it greatly improves the living environment of citizens.

Today, the illegal dumping of waste is a real problem in our society. More and more people are abandoning waste in public sites. In 2019 in Flanders alone, 22.6 tons of waste were left in the wild. This is 14% more than in 2017.
At ACIC, we have decided to act and help public authorities fight against incivility. We have developed and perfected in collaboration with our partner Aegentis compact, mobile and autonomous solutions which allow the automatic detection of waste dumping (Aegentis AI Appliance).


This offer is integrated into our DMP (DataManagementPlatform) in cloud mode, this ensures a quick and easy deployment of the solution.

Data Management
Data Management

Our solution is a small box which is implemented with an image analytics software developed by ACIC. It allows the automatic detection of different targets: packages, waste, people, vehicles, etc. It is therefore possible to send  analytics events to a VMS or even count different types of objects/subjects.

The ACIC image analytics software used is based on an AI module, thus it allows extremely targeted and precise detections.

Autonomous and easily movable, the Waste Detection Box is the perfect solution to fight against waste dumping. PTZ cameras operate with a 72 hour battery life. It is also possible to add a solar panel or connect it to the main power supply.

Once a target is detected, we have the possibility, thanks to the 4G antenna, to send analytics events to a VMS or to activate output relays.

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Join us for the Axis INSPIRE event 2021 !

D – 7 before the AXIS Inspire 2021 virtual event begins! ACIC will have a booth where you can discover our range of solutions and chat directly with members of the company that are going to answer your questions.
In addition, we will have a talk to present our new range of pure AI-based solution that can be embedded into certain AXIS cameras.

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An AI component within the camera? Finally possible!

Since a long time, customers have dreamed of being able to embed Artificial Intelligence into a camera. This would open up new doors and perspectives for camera surveillance and the world of video analytics.

Today, thanks to a latest generation of high-tech camera, this is possible. Axis recently presented its latest piece of technology: the Axis Q1615 MkIII. This camera incorporates an image processing unit to support image analysis using AI and deep learning.


  • No server needed
  • Economical solution
  • An AI-based solution
  • More reliable
  • Better performance
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Classification and detection of precise targets


The use of AI is restrictive at a Hardware level.

Indeed, AI-based image analysis software requires a server-based installation and a graphics card (GPU). This can be very expensive and especially for smaller projects.

Thanks to this new 100% Edge based solution, it is possible to make great savings in terms of hardware for a similar result.

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ACIC solutions are integrated into the CASD supervisor

ACIC solutions are now integrated with CASD: Video protection solutions.


CASD offers, among other things, Supervision solutions dedicated to the world of video protection.

– Design of digital recording and graphic supervision solution
– Audio and video transmission via IP network
– Study and development of interfacing software


Would you like to know more about this new high added value integration? Contact us !

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Detection of PPE with video analytics

To ensure the workers safety on an industrial site, or a construction site, personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial. It’s very difficult for the managers to ensure that all staff are wearing their PPE properly.

Today, thanks to artificial intelligence, there are solutions to ensure the workers safety. Through image analytics and the use of AI, ACIC has developed cutting edge solutions for an automatic detection of PPE. Our algorithms are able to detect the use of safety helmets or fluorescent vests. The detection of other elements, such as masks, suits, … are also available on request.

Once the detection has been activated, the counting of PPE can be extracted and an alarm can also be raised to a VMS, in case a worker  isn’t wearing their PPE. This solution runs on an analytics server and requires a GPU.

A demonstration of the solution in action is available within the video below. The PPE detected here being safety helmets.

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At ACIC, we use Artificial Intelligence to validate the detection of any type of subject

In the image analytics sector, the use of AI is becoming essential. Customer requests are increasing and more and more complex both in the analytics scenarios as in the type of objects to be detected.

On a visible camera, the use of AI is therefore a real advantage for the validation of detection in the VCA. At ACIC, we integrate the Deep Neuronal Network (DNN) into many solutions to meet the most complex demands.

With AI it is now possible to detect and classify all types of objects and subjects in many scenarios. We just need to train our model to detect certain objects such as certain types of vehicles, bicycles, helmets, etc. AI requires the use of a GPU which can lead to additional hardware costs.

Counting vehicles

The use of AI is not systematic. We recommend using it only in the most complex scenarios and on visible camera. In most situations, classic image analytics (foreground / background comparison) works fine. Adding a module of AI only makes it possible to validate the detection before raising an alarm in the VMS. This will therefore increase the reliability of the analysis. AI is most often recommended in counting (link to the AI counting page) and traffic management (link to the TM page) solutions.


  • Detection of any type of object
  • Strengthen the analysis
  • Classification
  • Complex scenarios
  • Expand possibilities.



  • GPU needed
  • Server only
  • More expensive hardware
  • Need to train the model for specific needs.

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Resume of the AN2V conference : Security technologies and artificial intelligence.

We would like to thank Mr Rémi Fargette as well as the AN2V for the conference: “What AI-based solutions for temporary remote systems?” in which ACIC participated.


We congratulate the AN2V on this successful edition!

  • 361 subscribers
  • 225 participants
  •  a participation rate of 63%

Discover the report of this edition below:

Intervention of Bassani Lorenzo (ACIC) at the minute 10:30

If you were unable to participate or if you wish to review this session, you will find the PDF support for ACIC’s intervention below.

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The Port of Cannes tested our image analytics solutions

The mythical old Port of Cannes, located next to the city center of the city and at the start of Boulevard de la Croisette, has tested ACIC’s image analytics solutions.


In collaboration with the integrator NauticSpot, specialized in securing marinas, we carried out during the months of September and November 2020 a Proof of Concept with our image analytics solutions in order to demonstrate their effectiveness in a port environment. More than ten surveillance cameras have been equipped with different ACIC analytics solutions. The analytics server provided by our supplier Capsule hosted a total of 14 ACIC licenses. The analytics events were then communicated to the Milestone VMS in which we are perfectly integrated.

Port de Cannes

Data collection solutions based on an AI module were used to count people, vehicles and face masks. And security solutions such as line crossing detection, loitering and zone presence have also been deployed.

The data from the analytics results have been analyzed and are very conclusive. The PoC enabled the Port of Cannes to collect a great deal of data on the number of visitors to its quays and the site in general.

For more information on the solutions used, visit our PeopleCounting, CrowdNumbering, and Appliances pages.

Do not hesitate to contact our services at if you too want to set up a PoC.

We thank the Old Port of Cannes for its trust as well as our project partners !
Port de Cannes
Capsule Logo

A new anonymization solution is available at ACIC

With the new European standards and the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), the world of video surveillance must adapt. Therefore, at ACIC, we have developed a new solution to guarantee the data protection and the anonymization of the filmed people.


This new solution is dedicated to the surveillance of public spaces such as shopping areas, streets, stations, … This solution is called ACIC Privacy 1.0. It allows you to place a blurry area or occlusion area on people’s faces, as well as on car plates and many other types of objects in real time.


ACIC Privacy is available on analytics server. It is based on artificial intelligence technology (AI) as well as objects ‘s classification and tracking in the image.

For any further information, or demo licenses, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team

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