Smartwear – Exit/Entries counting

SMARTWEAR’s offices are located in Initialis Business Area in Mons, Belgium. The building has two floors, three entrances and its own parking lot. There is a lot of traffic in the parking and in the building since it houses 5 different companies on one site. In total, dozen vehicles and employees pass through every day.


In order to ensure the safety of all and to know the exact traffic on the site, the managers have asked to install counting solutions at the entrances and exits of the building and on the car park on existing cameras.

The counting data once collected had to be centralized at one point and displayed in Milestone XPROTECT. All the counting data at the entrances and exits of the building had to be added together while the counting data at the entrance of the parking lot had to be kept separate.

The final goal of this count was to know the peak hours and the number of people present in real time in the building and on the parking. This is in order to have better management of the flow of people during the Covid-19 crisis.


To best meet this demand, the solutions that have deployed are PeopleCounting Dynamic and the DataManagementPlatform.

Because the cameras were already positioned and did not have an optimal position and that there was a need to count vehicles, we used the solution PeopleCounting Dynamic which uses artificial intelligence to validate the detection of a person or of a vehicle.

Dynamic People Counting has the ability to count any type of object when it crosses a line, in real time and in both directions. This solution works on an analysis server and requires a GPU to process the flows in AI. After treatment the video streams are integrated into Milestone and we have the possibility of reporting events and displaying overlays.

The Data Management Platform is our tool for centralizing and exploiting the counting data. This web interface allows counting data to be centralized and used through reports, maps, graphs, counters, etc. The different elements of the platform are fully integrated in Milestone and we have the possibility of raising alarms if a certain threshold is crossed.


The three entrances and exits of the building as well as the parking access are now equipped with real-time counting solution. We count all the people and vehicles entering and leaving the site. The counting results go to the Data Management Platform and are displayed in Milestone.