Join us for the Municipalia event on the 21th and 22th April!

Join us for the Municipalia event!


It’s already next week that the Municipalia agents’ fair begins. Join us on stand 5C22 which we will be sharing with our partner XEOLIS (Powered by It-Optics)!

Municipalia will be an opportunity for us to present our SmartCity solutions to you.
We are thus exhibiting on our stand our new autonomous box dedicated to the cities of tomorrow.

  • Abandonment of waste
  • Dense and congested traffic
  • Vandalism, assaults in isolated places

All these issues concern our cities and concern us directly. This is why we have decided to provide concrete and functional solutions.


Come and discover our Smart City solution ranges on Municipalia!

We will welcome you on stand 5C22 and answer your questions.


Do not hesitate to contact us directly at!



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Save the date for our joined webinar on Smartcities with Milestone!

On April 12 at 10:55 (AM Europe/Brussels), ACIC in collaboration with Milestone Systems will hold a Webinar on the theme of SmartCities. The following topics will be covered:

– Detection and  fighting of illegal waste dumping
– Management and Collection of traffic data
– Parking management and automatic license plate reading
– The management of the movement of crowds in an event or in a public place

New features and complete solutions are fully integrated into Milestone and will also be presented.


Register now here !

ACIC_Webinaire Smartcity Milestone

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Illegal waste dumping detection

ACIC offers intelligent detection solutions to detect illegal waste dumping.


Discover our Stillness Detection and Smart waste solutions integrated into many VMS including MILESTONE.

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Our AI Counting Solutions

ACIC offers solutions for automatic AI counting and traffic classification in complex environments specially dedicated to smart cities projects. The centralization of data in the DataManagementPlatform and the integration of results into Milestone Systems allows an easy use of the solutions.

– Classification (car, bus, motorcycle, people, truck, …
– Counting (different entrance / exits)
– Accident
– Vehicle in the wrong direction
– Stationary objects (vehicle, bins, bag, suitcase, etc.)
– etc.

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Resume of the year 2021, Best greetings for 2022!

2021 has been a rich year for ACIC in terms of both projects and technical innovation. Many companies, customers, partners made use of our technologies during this year.


Various and Varied Commercial Projects  🚀

  • Thanks to our joint partners’ trust, we had the opportunity to work on various large-scale projects.
    Amongst them, the abandoned package detection at checkpoints on gas pipelines across Russia, the prisoners securing and management in Belgium and Kuwait, the analysis licenses deployment at the ports of Calais and Tangier as well as at Agadir airport.

Successful Demonstrations

  • Our partners also entrusted us with many PoCs in different environments. In this way, we were able to demonstrate our solutions’ effectiveness on Belgian rail network level crossings and we collected data on traffic flows in Brussels city to improve mobility. Other demonstrations were also carried out on a motorway in Portugal, in shopping center car parks and at the port of Cannes.

Our Focus on Research and Development 🔎

  • Our technical team made great progress on Research and Development for our solutions.
    New tools such as DataManagementPlatform were developed, new 100% artificial intelligence-based solutions emerged, such as AI Counting and advanced target classification functionalities.
    Moreover, most of our solutions were relevantly updated, in particular Stillness Detection, which allows still, abandoned or moved objects detection. The front-end, the configuration interface and analysis server management, was also completely refitted.
    In terms of integrating our Edge solutions into cameras, our partners Axis and HIKVISION developed cameras that allow artificial intelligence to be carried out in Edge. It marks the coming of a new era for Edge analysis.

A Quieter Year Because of Covid-19 … 😷

  • On the marketing side, the year was a little quieter. Despite many trade fairs were cancelled due to the sanitary situation, we were able to make our way. We held a stand at ExpoProtection with our partner SecureSystems and were also present at the Municipalia trade fair.

Strong and Reliable Partners 💪

  • Developing new professional relationships is one of the keys in the video analytics industry. That is why we are constantly working on integrating our solutions with new partners. Therefore, in 2021, we collaborated with Nvidia to implement our artificial intelligence, Arrow to manufacture servers, Dahua, HIKVISION and Axis to integrate into new cameras, and CASD and IndigoVision to support new VMS.

We would like to thank all our partners and users of our solutions who trusted in us during 2021 and hope to see you again in 2022!

We wish you a happy new year 2022 and see you soon.

Best regards,
The ACIC team

RTBF microcapsule: ACIC in the spotlight

We thank Agoria and the RTBF teams for allowing this report to be broadcasted on the 1st December 2021 and dedicated to new Technologies & Solutions.

We are proud to present ACIC’s solutions via our spokesperson Christophe Parisot!

Abstract of the interview (Agoria): “With his team, Christophe develops software for surveillance cameras. They are then able to understand and analyze a lot of things practically like a human eye, and to help to solve very concrete problems. For example ACIC’s solutions allows an autonomous car to detect everything that is happening around it and react to it accordingly. ”


For more informations, contact us!

ACIC becomes an Nvidia technology partner!

Today, artificial intelligence is one of the major issues in the world of image analytics. This artificial intelligence, also called “Deep Learning” or “Deep Neuronal Network (DNN)”, greatly opens up the possibilities to make image analytics even more reliable. To support AI software, a graphics card is required. That’s why Nvidia has become an important technology partner for ACIC.

Nvidia Metropolis

Nvidia offers a program designed for technology partners and specifically dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence in various fields including video analytics. ACIC recently joined this program: Metropolis. The Metropolis program helps to share knowledge, pool experience and develop innovative solutions in sectors such as industry, SmartCities, healthcare, distribution, and many more.

For more informations, follow the link below :

ACIC will be part of the Dahua Partner Day 2021!

For the second year in a row, ACIC will participate in Dahua’s virtual event: the Dahua Partner Day 2021!

This is the opportunity for us to reinforce our collaboration with the brand but also to show the great efficiency and added value of integrating our solutions into the Dahua cameras.

Dahua Partner Day

We will have the chance to make a presentation of the integration of our solutions and their use as part of a Smartcity project.

Don’t wait any longer and register for free here:

The economic recovery of Wallonia – LN24

Thank you to LN24, for highlighting the companies active in the economic recovery of Wallonia and more particularly with the program: “Belgium is relaunching: digital transformation in Hainaut” on September 21.

La Belgique se relance: la transformation digitale dans le Hainaut

To do this, a panel of experts was put together, including:

  • Savine Moucheron, Business Developer at Technocité
  • Lorenzo Bassani, CEO IT-OPTICS & ACIC sa
  • Fabrice Brion, CEO I-care Group,
  • Gautier SOBCZAK, CBO MyData-TRUST

For those who have not followed the show, we invite you to follow this debate.

The replay is available below:

We will be present for the MUNICIPALIA event 2021 !

From September 30 to October 1, 2021, ACIC will participate in the MUNICIPALIA event which will be held at the WEX in Marche-en-Famenne. Come and meet us on booth 5C-22 that we will share with IT-OPTICS!

acic municipalia

Does your administration or company have a network of surveillance cameras that you want to optimize and automate? Come and meet us, our video surveillance solutions will be able to help you!

ACIC is a 100% Belgian company based in Mons and created in 2003. We are experts specializing in the development and design of video analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.
With extensive experience, particularly in the field of smart cities, our solutions meet the needs of cities and towns : security and visibility.

  • Detection of uncontrolled waste abandonment
  • Parking management
  • Parking violation detection
  • Data collection on mobility (bicycle, scooters, car, truck, etc.)
  • Securing public buildings
  • And many others …

Our solutions integrate artificial intelligence modules capable of recognizing and identifying a large number of targets. This technology opens up many doors and opportunities.

Are you interested or want to know more? Contact us at or visit us at the Municipalia exhibition!