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Public cleanliness is a key issue for sustainable development as it greatly improves the living environment of citizens.

Today, the illegal dumping of waste is a real problem in our society. More and more people are abandoning waste in public sites. In 2019 in Flanders alone, 22.6 tons of waste were left in the wild. This is 14% more than in 2017.
At ACIC, we have decided to act and help public authorities fight against incivility. We have developed and perfected in collaboration with our partner Aegentis, compact, mobile and autonomous solutions which allow the automatic detection of waste dumping.

Waste Detection Box

Our Waste Detection Box is the solution best suited to the needs against incivility. The box is equipped with a dome camera or a PTZ camera. The battery allows an autonomy of 72 hours. It is also possible to use a solar panel or to connect to a conventional power supply.
Specially designed AI-based image analytics software by ACIC enables automatic detection of waste dumping. Once a waste has been detected, we have the possibility, thanks to the 4G antenna, to send analytics events to a VMS or to activate output relays. The box is easily movable and autonomous, so it can be deployed in all types of environments for different scenarios.

Plateforme Cloud - Data Collection

Our DMP (Data Management Platform) is a cloud based solution, thus it offers a great ease of deployment.

  • access by web browser
  • visualization of alerts and statistics
  • automated sharing and communication of alerts (SMS / emails /…)
  • and more!



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