New Appliance with Phoenix AI – Waste Detection

Public cleanliness is a key issue for sustainable development as it greatly improves the living environment of citizens.

Today, the illegal dumping of waste is a real problem in our society. More and more people are abandoning waste in public sites. In 2019 in Flanders alone, 22.6 tons of waste were left in the wild. This is 14% more than in 2017.
At ACIC, we have decided to act and help public authorities fight against incivility. We have developed and perfected in collaboration with our partner Phoenix AI, compact, mobile and autonomous solutions which allow the automatic detection of waste dumping (Phoenix AI Appliance).


This offer is integrated into our DMP (DataManagementPlatform) in cloud mode, this ensures a quick and easy deployment of the solution.

Data Management
Data Management

Our solution is a small box which is implemented with an image analytics software developed by ACIC. It allows the automatic detection of different targets: packages, waste, people, vehicles, etc. It is therefore possible to send  analytics events to a VMS or even count different types of objects/subjects.

The ACIC image analytics software used is based on an AI module, thus it allows extremely targeted and precise detections.

phoenix ai.

Specifications :

Waste detection, Intrusion detection, Identification of suspects, Compact, mobile and autonomous solutions, Economic solutions, Robust to outdoor conditions solutions, Integration into a VMS / raising alarm


Low consumption, Long battery life, Use of AI, Mobile and compact solutions, Monitoring 24/24 – 7/7, 4G connection, Intuitive and easy configuration

Autonomous and easily movable, the Waste Detection Box is the perfect solution to fight against waste dumping. PTZ cameras operate with a 72 hour battery life. It is also possible to add a solar panel or connect it to the main power supply.

Once a target is detected, we have the possibility, thanks to the 4G antenna, to send analytics events to a VMS or to activate output relays.

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