Detection of PPE with video analytics

To ensure the workers safety on an industrial site, or a construction site, personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial. It’s very difficult for the managers to ensure that all staff are wearing their PPE properly.

Today, thanks to artificial intelligence, there are solutions to ensure the workers safety. Through image analytics and the use of AI, ACIC has developed cutting edge solutions for an automatic detection of PPE. Our algorithms are able to detect the use of safety helmets or fluorescent vests. The detection of other elements, such as masks, suits, … are also available on request.

Once the detection has been activated, the counting of PPE can be extracted and an alarm can also be raised to a VMS, in case a worker  isn’t wearing their PPE. This solution runs on an analytics server and requires a GPU.

A demonstration of the solution in action is available within the video below. The PPE detected here being safety helmets.

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