Tramway of Nice – People/Vehicle Detection

The Nice tramway is the main public transport network of the city of Nice in the south-east of France. Its first line was inaugurated in 2007. Due to the success of Line 1, two more lines have been opened in 2018 and 2019. The three lines are 27.5 kilometers long and desert the city center, the periphery, the port and the airport and transport on average 193,000 people daily.




The city of Nice is a smart city focused on security and surveillance. We were asked to provide image analysis in order to increase security on the tramway network. In the specifications, there were many requests.

For the safety part, the Régie Ligne d’Azur wanted to detect people and vehicles at the entrance of the tunnels, detect abandoned objects on the platforms and detect the occlusion of the ventilation outlets.

For the data collection part, the Azure Line Authority wanted to count people in cars and on the platforms in real time.




To best meet the specifications, we have proposed our most adapted solutions for the different scenarios. For intrusion detection at the tunnel entrance, we have proposed our Activity Detection solution helped with the AI to reduce the false alarms rate. We have the possibility to transmit alarms to a VMS in cases people, cars or trucks enters the tunnels.


To prevent the air vents of the tunnels located on the surface from being obstructed, surveillance cameras equipped with abandoned object detection software have been placed. Our Stillness Detection solution detects any abandoned objects on these vents and raises an alarm to the VMS if an object appears and stays there.


Finally, to know about traffic on the platform and in cars in real time, we used our CrowdNumbering solution which allows instant and real time crowd counting. This solution also uses AI and, in this case,, head detection for counting.





The use of ACIC image analysis solutions on the port has been successful. The data collection allowed the administration to know precisely the passage, the influx and the movements of crowds in strategic points of the

There are currently more than 80 licenses for the detection of abandoned objects, intrusion, counting, etc., which are installed on the network of surveillance cameras of the tramway. The brand of the cameras that has been used is Indigo Vision.

The analysis events are then fed back to IndigoVision’s VMS Control Center. The alarms are thus transmitted to the operator who can react rightly.