Capsule and ACIC’s strengths combine to create a special offer

Capsule, the server provider and ACIC have decided to join forces to offer together a range of preinstalled and ready-to-use solutions.

It is thus no longer necessary to go through various time-consuming steps such as : server configuration, search for suitable licenses, quotes from the various suppliers, etc. It is now possible to acquire ready-to-use servers, prepared by Capsule and directly preconfigured with ACIC video analytics licenses.

The basic offering offers a server equipped with 10 image analytics licenses with the possibility, on request, to host up to 50 video analytics licenses and 50 Milestone streams. This therefore makes it possible to equip up to 50 cameras! The cameras can already be existing or to be installed on a site.

Several choices of video analytics licenses are available. Depending on your needs, licenses such as ActivityDetection, StillnessDetection, ZoneDetection will be available for site security and protection. You can also select counting and traffic management licenses… The number of licenses chosen can also be adapted. The range of possible licenses per server ranging from 10 to 50.


In addition to being simple and quick to order and prepare, this offer is extremely competitive. Both license and server prices have been revised downwards.

This offer is directly available from our distribution partners Noemis or from CCF for France and Anixter for the rest of Europe.

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