Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020

ACIC is integrated into Dahua’s technological partnership program: DHOP

ACIC’s Edge solutions are fully integrated with Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP) products. We are now proud to be members of the DHOP program and to be present at Partners Day on December 1st.


Recently, the collaboration between ACIC and Dahua has strengthened. We are now part of Dahua’s DHOP partner program.

Dahua Technology Partner Day 2020 will be held on 01/12/2020 from 9:30 am (UTC + 1) to 3:30 pm (UTC + 1). This is the brand’s first virtual trade fair. ACIC will have the opportunity to present its joint solutions with Dahua. On the program for the day: conferences, webinar, meeting and discussions. You can find the participation link here.

The DHOP program allows us to access Dahua’s open platform and directly integrate some of our analysis solutions into the brand’s compatible cameras.

ActivityDetection as well as its two sub-divisions ZoneDetection and StillnessDetection operate in embedded versions on Edge cameras. With the DHOP program, we now have the possibility to make them work on Dahua cameras. Being part of the Dahua Hardware Open Platform community gives us the chance to develop the security industry in collaboration with Dahua.
Edge solutions directly integrated into the cameras have many advantages such as:

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Improved strength as well as analysis safety
  • Reduced data storage and management costs
  • No single point of failure
  • Decentralized solutions with better security and priv

We can imagine using the DMP in a railway environment for example. In a station where there are counting solutions on the platforms such as CrowdNumbering and at the entrances of a supermarket where we have solutions such as PeopleCounting, it is possible to centralize the data on the DMP. It is thus possible to display the datas in a VMS, with for example a counter for the different zones, a heatmap on the platforms, graphs to find out the frequentation peak times, … The DMP can also extract personalized reports depending on the datas that have been chosen.

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