Data Management Platform: our data centralization and exploitation tool is now available

It is now possible to integrate the counting results of ACIC’s Data Mining solutions or third-party solutions within the operating environment: the Data Management Platform (DMP).


The DMP is our new tool for centralizing and exploiting data generated by Data Mining solutions such as PeopleCounting, CrowdNumbering or TrafficMonitoring. Our analytics softwares have an API to recover events in XML format using an http request. The tool is available in the form of a web interface and is deployed directly on the analytics server.

The DMP allows the visualization and exploitation of the data flows provided by our solutions or third-party solutions with tools such as: graphics, counter, curves, heatmap, reports, etc.

These tools are present on the dashboard in the form of windows in http format and can be directly integrated into most VMS such as Milestone or Genetec.



We can imagine using the DMP in a railway environment for example. In a station where there are counting solutions on the platforms such as CrowdNumbering and at the entrances of a supermarket where we have solutions such as PeopleCounting, it is possible to centralize the data on the DMP. It is thus possible to display the datas in a VMS, with for example a counter for the different zones, a heatmap on the platforms, graphs to find out the frequentation peak times, … The DMP can also extract personalized reports depending on the datas that have been chosen.


The Data Management Platform datasheet is available on our Products page and on the link below.

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