ACIC is now a Dahua ECO Partner

ACIC joins forces with the partner DAHUA to offer a set of complete video surveillance solutions.

ACIC solutions are now fully integrated with the DAHUA Open Platform (DHOP). This allows immediate integration of the Activity Detection suite of solutions into Dahua DHOP cameras.

Dahue system architecture ACIC

Our tool available in the “Partners – Tools” area of our site lists all Dahua cameras compatible with ACIC solutions for integrated DHOP solutions. This platform has also been designed to assist each partner, with a practical tool to simulate a deployment with the right cameras for each area to be monitored.

The Dahua Open Platform (DHOP) is an application platform which allows you to download the applications of each of Dahua partners. It is installed on Dahua network devices. More information on the platform are available on the Dahua website:

Dahua DHOP
Datamining ACIC
ACIC secuirty solutions videosurveillance

We are proud to count Dahua as one of our new trusted partners, enabling the integration of state-of-the-art ACIC solutions on high-end Dahua cameras.

To access the press release, please follow the link below:

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