Total Feluy – Perimeter protection


Securing the perimeter of the largest polymer production site in Europe.

Total’s oil refinery located in Feluy, Belgium is Total’s largest polymer production site in Europe, as well as the largest petroleum fuel depot in Belgium. In addition to production, there is a research and technology center specializing in catalysis, processes, analysis, polymers and biotechnology. This site is a major player for the economy of the region but also for Total Belgium.


Total wanted to integrate a perimeter protection solution at its Feluy site in order to avoid intrusions. There were a total of 28 Axis Q1942 thermal cameras already installed to be fitted with a solution adapted to their needs. To do this, they called on an integrator: ENGIE. ENGIE, knowing our solutions well and trusting us, then consulted us in order to make the project in partnership.

An on-site visit with ENGIE to study the feasibility and assess the location of the cameras was necessary. Once the camera locations were validated, we started the project.

The mission we were given was to detect the presence of people, day or night and under any conditions that approached and smuggled across the perimeter of the site. In case a person crossed the previously determined lines, an alarm had to be raised in the VMS Genetec Security Center.


To meet this demand, we proposed our Activity Detection Edge version solution which allows many uses. This solution, which is integrated directly into the camera, allows the detection of people in an area, when crossing one or more lines, the detection of abandoned objects, etc. This solution, fully customizable, both in terms of the subject and the needs to detect that in terms of detection rules. It is perfectly compatible with Axis thermal imaging cameras and meets all needs.

We then integrated ACIC into Genetec Security Center in order to be able to report alarms in real time to the VMS and at a centralized point.


As an integrator and a certified partner, ENGIE, was responsible for commissioning the analysis licenses on the various cameras. However, on-site support was required during the first day of commissioning to assist Engie during the configurations.

Today, the production site can detect intrusions and the crossing of the fence day and night and in all conditions. The protection of the site and the employees is therefore fully ensured.