ACIC SOLUTION : Dynamic versions of ACIC’s solutions

Customize your licenses according to your needs with the Dynamic versions of ACIC solutions

Historically, ACIC video analytics solutions have always proven to be as complete as possible, with many features to be found. However, this complexity has its downside: “frozen” products that are sometimes too complex for a specific project, leading in particular to a higher cost of licenses.

That is why we have recently decided to market so-called “Dynamic” versions of the licenses. These Dynamic versions are lightweight license packages that include a defined number of features chosen by the customer. When choosing a “Dynamic” package, the customer has as a base package a limited number of functionalities that he can implement according to the needs of his project.

This basic package will therefore allow you to more precisely control the budget of your project via a more accessible and customizable offer, the Basic License package having a reduced price compared to the full License package.

These new “Dynamic” versions therefore allow you to customize your licenses according to your needs and thus reduce the unit cost. It is also possible to subsequently buy additional functionalities according to the evolution of your project, in order to supplement the licenses already installed on a site.

  • Your project does not require all the features included in the full licenses?
  • Would you like some specific options without additional features?
  • Do you want solutions that can evolve with your project?
  • Do you want to control your budget and reduce the unit cost of your licenses?

In this case our “Dynamic” version is the perfect solution. Contact us to have a quote and assistance in setting up your project!

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