Antwerp Tunnels

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium. It is located in the Flemish region near the Dutch border. The city has more than 1.3 million inhabitants and is one of the economic lungs of Belgium. Indeed, the city has the port of Antwerp which is a major hub of world trade with Europe. It is the second most important port in Europe and the 15th largest port in the world.


The city of Antwerp needed an efficient solution to manage the traffic in the city’s tunnels. The integrator Hacousto Protect contacted us and we offered our Traffic Monitoring solution.  Our mission  was to count and classify the vehicles and the traffic. The solution also had to be able to detect incidents, traffic jams, accidents, wrong way, … The automation was crucial for the tunnels’s safety.


For this project, we deployed several analysis servers on site to collect information in real time. There were a total of 22 cameras with our Traffic Monitoring solution. We have therefore deployed 22 licenses with the following features: vehicle counting, speed calculation, vehicle classification, traffic classification, slowdown and traffic jam detection, vehicle stopped, speeding, …


The integration of statistical data has allowed the city of Antwerp to have a better view of the traffic inside the tunnels, which allows better traffic management. The detection system having been improved, this also increases road safety in the city. Instant detection of road incidents enables faster communication between different emergency or traffic management services