Dubaï Airport : Autotracking

Securing the perimeter of Dubai airport via an Autotracking solution.

Dubai Airport is a major airport in the Middle East, providing the connection between Europe and Asia. The airport is strategically located halfway between Europe and Asia and is the first airport in the world by international traffic, the fifth busiest in the world with more than 88 million passengers in 2018 and the sixth in the world in terms of freight with more than 2.65 million tonnes in 2019.

The airport covers more than 270 destinations and hosts more than 150 airlines. There are nearly 8,000 weekly flights and nearly 90,000 employees.




At the end of 2017, the Smartworld integrator contacted us about a project to secure Dubai airport. They were looking for an effective autotracking solution to support an already existing perimeter protection solution. There were a total of 41 Flir PT brand PTZ cameras to be fitted with an autotracking solution with an average of 10 presets per camera. The solution had to be able to track a person and resume tracking after they had been in hiding for more than a minute. The goal is to provide assistance to the operator through Genetec Security Center by following a target after crossing the fence. Several other solutions have been tested but none have reached the set objectives.



To find a solution for the 8 hectare site, it was decided to undertake an initial market analysis of the various technologies that could meet the specific security needs of the company. Finally, the combination of different types of Axis network cameras with ACIC video installations as well as a Genetec solution to monitor management and access turned out to be the best.

Considering its compact design and resistance to vandalism, choosing a dome camera was the most obvious solution. In addition, it is difficult to detect where the camera is pointing, which makes it particularly inconspicuous. The dome camera maps a specific area with optimal image quality. As the area is very large, a complementary Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera has been chosen to guarantee optimal flexibility. In total, around thirty Axis network cameras have been installed by Digital, the specialist in video surveillance solutions and IP surveillance access.


The solution proposed by ACIC was the ACIC Autotracking solution with integration into the Genetec Security Center VMS.

Our Autotracking solution has fully achieved the objectives set: it now ensures the tracking of people who cross the fence and ensures the resumption of monitoring after the person has gone into hiding. This solution runs on an on-site analysis server and was integrated into Genetec Omnicast first and then into Security Center later.



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