ACIC SOLUTION : The many functions of Activity Detection and it’s use of the AI

Today, securing a site or protecting its accesses are essential to ensure the worker’s security and the good development of a business.

The activity detection solution, “Activity Detection” is the perfect and complete solution dedicated to site protection. In its most complete version, this solution allows you to activate up to 8 rules simultaneously by playing on multiple scenarios such as the detection of abandoned objects, line crossing or even zone detection.

Activity Detection is based on:

  • Advanced foreground / background image analysis
  • A layer of AI based on the DNN. This advantage makes it possible to limit the rate of false alarms and to distinctly detect any type of object: people, bicycle, cars, truck, bus, …

object detection ai
Activiy Detection 3.0_20200619_FR_ARTICLE2

This solution, which works on an analysis server or on an edge camera, also allows you to personalize your alarms and report them in an associated VMS.



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