ACIC SOLUTION: People counting (CN / PC)

Crowd Numbering and People Counting solutions allow people counting in a specific area or when crossing a line

The people counting solutions offered by ACIC have many functionalities. They allow real time counting of subjects crossing a line or in a predetermined area. The solutions use AI and have the capacity to count all types of objects: cars, people, animals, luggage, …
These solutions are part of the datamining range of products and have the main purpose of collecting data and generating statistics.
They can for example be used at the entrance to shops, an industrial site, a parking lot or even in a rescue gathering area.

people counting acic videosurveillance
people counting acic videosurveillance
crowd numbering acic videosurveillance

The count data, once generated, can be centralized on a platform called the Data Management Platform. This tool provides an overview of a site, collect and centralize data, generate reports and statistics through tables and graphs.

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