COVID-19: People gathering detection

We provide solutions to detect  people gathering

Efficient surveillance of gathering places is essential during events or demonstrations. Witness the recent demonstrations in Brussels with the #blacklivesmatter movement.

At Acic we offer a gathering detection solution allowing the detection of groups of people (crowd) as well as general crowd movements. In fact, where freedom of expression must be respected, the Covid-19 crisis forces us to keep our distance from each other, for the safety of all.


  • Automatic people counting
  • Occupancy rate calculation
  • Ability to distinguish people in groups
  • Rugged in the shade and other light artifacts
  • Generation of statistics via a Datamining platform (fully integrated XProtect Milestone).
ACIC crowdnumbering
ACIC Crowdnumbering

Acic crowd detection allows a reliable measurement of the number of people in a defined area, in many situations (demonstrations, cultural events, …). Thanks to this information and the generated alarms, measures can be taken quickly to guarantee everyone’s safety.

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