COVID-19 : Need a mask detection solution ?

Our Acic solution for mask detection and social distancing calculation

With the Covid-19 health crisis, the wearing of masks has become the norm in many gathering places: shops, transport, etc.
Indeed, many public places require their visitors to wear a mask in order to protect the greatest number. It is with this in mind that, at Acic, we are developing a solution to detect the wearing (or not) of the mask within a crowd of people in public places.

How to achieve such an accurate detection? Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), our image analysis software has been specially trained to identify a mask on a human face. If the position of the camera allows, and offers a bird’s-eye view, detection becomes possible.
From mask detection, it is also possible to generate data and statistics: count the number of people wearing a mask, the number of people not wearing one, raise alarms in a VMS such as Milestone (fully integrated with Acic solutions),…

A test phase of the solution was deployed in a large area in downtown Brussels. The results are already satisfactory. This image analysis software can be used in many situations and environments (shops, museums, public transport, train station, etc.) and makes it possible to report a lot of data useful for meeting health standards such as:

  • Calculation of distance between people
  • Mask / No Mask Detection
  • Mask / No Mask Counting
  • Green visual reference for respected distances
  • Red visual mark for non-respected distances
Detection de masque
Detection de masque
Detection de masque

In order to easily adapt to different detection contexts, the solution can be configured: Personalization of correct distance value, ...

In the current context, this mask detection tool represents an asset in the generation of data on the wearing of the mask by the population and in monitoring compliance with health protection rules.

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