Perimeter protection – IRE Fleurus

The fleurus radio elements institute (ire) equipped with one of the most improved security systems on the market.

Thermal and mobile cameras combined with a video analytics solution enhance site security in terms of perimeter protection, access management and internal security through a global security platform.


The IRE is one of the world’s largest producers of radioactive elements used in nuclear medicine, whose primary mission is to contribute to public health and the protection of the environment. At IRE, safety is a major concern and that is why this institute develops its production and service activities in ac-cordance with the strictest safety rules and quality standards. To be able to guarantee optimal safety of its installa-tions and products, the directors of the IRE are committed to implementing all the necessary and useful means by opting for a modern solution of global security and perimeter video analytics.


In order to be able to remedy the imperfections of the current system, the directors decided to de-ploy the necessary means. For this, the old CCTV hardware was replaced by the acquisition and ins-tallation of IP cameras (AXIS) with a very advanced management and recording system (GENETEC Omnicast software) combined with video analytics (ActivityDetection®), to increase the security of the site. This system must therefore allow security personnel to monitor and analyze access or intru-sion alarms.


In this perimeter protection project, each part is complementary, creating a very high level security solution. The combination of very high resolution cameras, integrated with access control and an efficient intelligent video surveillance system (ActivityDetection product) results in a significant reduction in false alarms and incidents. Performance evaluations were carried out over a period of 3 months and it appears that the results obtained perfectly meet the performance commitment advanced by ACIC and its integrator, Digital, namely less than one false alarm per week and per camera. An article from La Libre Belgique of 08/18/12 was the subject of a visit by American experts, who recently congratulated the management of the institute for the progress and the quality of the implementation of compensatory measures. They believe that its facilities meet, and even exceed in many cases, international requirements for physical protection.