Migration of the IP security system – Port of Calais

A tailor-made, open and scalable system


With more than 10 million travelers and 43 million tonnes of goods in transit per year, the Port Boulogne Calais is the leading passenger port and the fourth freight port in France. To ensure the safety of travelers, drivers and freight, the Detroit Port Operating Company (SEPD), operator of the Port Boulogne Calais wanted to increase the performance of its analog surveillance system in order to prevent any intrusion attempts and thus ensure continuity of operations.


Eryma, with its expertise in integrating tailor-made security solutions, was selected in 2015 by the SEPD to ensure the implementation of a new security system, at the cutting edge of technology and compatible with old installations : supply, configuration, commissioning. Eryma, Axis Partner and Elite Partner of Genetec Inc., thus designed and installed in 6 months, an innovative hybrid system, composed of an Omnicast supervision system from Genetec, 120 Axis network cameras and encoders including around twenty thermal cameras coupled with the Acic Activity Detection application for perimeter protection. In addition to the video surveillance system, access protection and control devices (40 controllers and 160 readers installed by ERYMA) have enabled Port Boulogne Calais to ensure the safety of users and operators of the port on its Calais facilities.


The security system installed fully meets the technical and operational requirements of the operator. The quality of the images, the integration into the supervisor without latency, the ease of use and the automatic raising of alarms are a real help for operators who can anticipate dangerous situations more quickly and prioritize patrol interventions.

To know more, please download  “Etude de cas – Port de Calais (PDF)