HIKVISION INNOVATION SUMMIT – 12-13/03/2020 – Cancelled COVIT 19


For this first HIKVISION Innovation Summit that the brand is organizing in Amsterdam, Holland, on March 12 and 13, 2020, ACIC is going on site to present its new creations and products. This trade fair is a great opportunity to demonstrate to visitors how combined technological solutions can lead to innovative products that may be able of conquering potential and future markets.

HIKVISION has decided to bring together its technological partners to show visitors how combined solutions can boost their potential markets. HIKVISION is at the forefront of technology for a wide range of products. But one of the essential elements in its ecosystem is the Technology Partner Program. Together with its partners, Hikvision combines expertise, skills and technological understanding to offer optimal solutions and extend the the business scope of the company.

In this edition, the focus is on the Hikvision’s Embedded Open Platform, or HEOP. This program opens up many possibilities for partners and allows them to install third-party applications on Hikvision network cameras. Thus, personalized applications and programs can be downloaded and installed on Hikvision network cameras to adapt to any type of scenario.

ACIC is a technological partner and thanks to HEOP, we have the possibility of introducing our image analysis solutions into HIKVISION cameras. Our products cover many markets such as industries (factories, refineries, power plan, etc.), transport (station, airport, etc.), connected cities (surveillance, crowd management, traffic management, etc.), retail. (supermarket area, shopping center, etc.), … in order to improve security on sensitive sites or even the classification of objects. Area detection, people counting, traffic management are some of our products. They are often assisted by an Artificial Intelligence in addition to the background comparison in order to increase their efficiency. In addition, they are adaptable and customizable to many types of scenarios according to the customer’s needs.

ACIC Invitation Video: www.youtube.com