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Your partner in video analytics solutions dedicated to automated video surveillance.

Since 2003, ACIC has been offering high-performance and innovative solutions for automated video surveillance and intelligent video surveillance. The team of founders of the MULTITEL research centre has inherited knowledge and technologies from renowned Belgian university laboratories such as UCL and UMONS. Collaborations with these research entities continue to help keep ACIC at the cutting edge of technology.

With the increase in the number of cameras, the automation of video surveillance has become indispensable, both for sensitive sites, critical infrastructure and for urban video surveillance.

Innovative solutions combining VCA (Video Content Analytics) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies
ACIC has developed its own neural networks in order to respond in a targeted way to issues requiring the use of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) technologies.
Many products in our range use these technologies, the mastery of which is the result of numerous research projects in which our technical teams participated.


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